Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Have we?!

Last night, random questions striketh at mind. Unanswerable(s). Yes, most of them. :-)

Have we ever felt love with fingertips?
Have we ever kissed a breath of emotion?
Have we ever closed our eyes and seen our destiny?

Have we ever made love to a real dream?
Have we ever pinched self to awake?
Have we ever spoke the words, I need you?

Have we ever felt our heart? (pounding through the chest)
Have we ever giggled inside?
Have we ever drawn hearts in the sand?

Have we ever felt a wave of trust?
Have we ever known 'the heartbreak' from the very beginning?
Have we ever just layed, just to daydream?

Have we ever felt scared with excitement?
Have we ever held on tight?
Have we ever longed to kiss those lips?

She has.

She has always known, she would fall in love..


  1. Well, good for her...and better for us, readers, too.

    Keep writing. :)

  2. I love everything you write!!!

  3. how romantic. sent a zing of longing through me :)

  4. Amazing !!! love her , relate to her !!

  5. @Shakti: Glad you liked mate. :D

    @Rehab: That's an honor lady. Thankyou for the love. :-)

    @Vidyut: You said it. You felt it. :-)

    @Ladynimue: She reciprocates the same. :-)

  6. Those few moments that stay minted on your mind for the feelings that pass through your heart .... well captured :)

  7. @MeethiMirchi: Loved the way, you took it forward. & thanks for dropping by, my friend. :-)

  8. Love is a crappy thing, I have promised myself for never fall for it again...

  9. You just wrote a significant page from my life. You wrote it better in fact!

    Please keep writing :)


  10. Har sawaal ke jawaab mein bus dil ne ye kaha.. 'Yeh ishq haay'....

  11. Nice one and i hope the answers to all of these define the way of living life!! :)