Friday, July 8, 2011

Under the influence : Just another rain post..

Dear Raindrop

Far there from the skies
her bundle of joy 
returned to meet her
to surprise her.

She closed her eyes
In ecstasy at a lightning
Blinding her.

The earth and she
Together sang a song
Of joy.

Dear raindrop
Without you, not having around
How she miss being self. 

P.S.: Writing this post on the auspicious occasion of rain. Yes, Rain God smiled on the little kid. Almost jumped out of the auto, got drenched, annoyed a colleague (who thinks getting drenched in rain while on the way to work is a breach of protocol.) Ha! Poor creature, I say. :-) 



kal raat jab soyi thi toh paani baras raha tha,
aaj subah jab aankh khuli toh paani thama nahi tha.
thoda bheeg gayi main kal raat
thoda bheeg gaya mera mann aaj..


Rain song on #CLT: (Currently listening to)?

A random question being asked on Twitter, just to find responses below:

dram_e_baaz: @TheMasakkali Chhoti si kahaani se, Baarishon ke paani se.. #Ijaazat

Jitts_619: @TheMasakkali Garaj baras saawan ghir aayo... 

pacemakker: @TheMasakkali rim jhim rim jhim rum jhum rum jhum :D #Boss

purplebuble: @TheMasakkali Rimjhim gire sawan or abke baras savan mein 

ChotuMissMuffet: @TheMasakkali Rimjhim gire saawan..sulag sulag jaaye mann...  

VegHyderabadi: @TheMasakkali raks karti hai by @baavri :)  

Lakhnawii: @TheMasakkali Aaj rapat jaye th hume na uthaiyo 
Dip_V: @TheMasakkali tip-tip barsa paani 


Leaving you all, with my favorite rain song. Timeless & how original:

Love. :-)


  1. hai ... fir se baarish ho , aisa man hai .. n i will listen to all rain songs mentioned here with double feelings :D

    love your poem :)

  2. Haha! Sunna. Zaroor sunna. & thankyou for the love. :D