Wednesday, July 6, 2011

That's where it all began..

She can stare at that pose  
For hours on end
Her hands on his chin 
That’s where it all began. 

It caught her eye, as never before 
She knew, she just had to know more.  

That smile on his face 
Eyes that speak 
All started make her so weak (It still).

Faint at heart 
When she read his words 
Making her eyes all a blur. 

Happy tears came rolling down 
Knowing she had found 
Someone who could reach her 
In a place so warm  
Right inside  
He know, where it’s at.

He rested his head right on her 
Felt her heart beat 
And he could feel 
How this lady 
Adores him tremendously. 

His words, that pose
God only knows
How much she loves him.


  1. some ppl r blessed wid pen. u seem 2 b one f dem. Gud wishes. :>

  2. @TimsyUnplugged: Thankyou for the wishes. For the words. :-)

  3. Sigh ! you make me want to write right now .. on that smile , on those eyes .. oh !! i better stop !

  4. @Ladynimue: Say naa. Unsaid things die early. :-)