Saturday, September 10, 2016

WOW: “Flowers At The Door”

Workstations become 'our own' much quicker than a person does. There were flowers on my work-desk, a bouquet himself, basking in the company of yellow roses. Without bothering to look who the sender was, for almost half a minute, I was blinded by beauteous bouquet. I had reasons -
1) I probably had never seen two dozen yellow roses all bind together could look so blindingly bright (beautifullingly bright). 
2) The air got all glossy after checking out who the sender was. 
A prominent name from my past was lurching over on a plain-white card stapled on couple of rose-petals (those yellow rose-petals). It was 'the day' of the year, frequently referred on social media as, 'another year older, none the wiser'. This shenanigan made sense since ex-past and I shared same date. A heartache traveled straight to stomach where it churned and churned more. Still standing over the desk, which by now had turned into a heartbreak hotel and it became nearly impossible to stay standing. I dragged a chair close enough to desk. Action of dragging the chair felt like.. well, dragging my foot through mud that had went dry and was now clenching onto my skin. 

5 long years earlier, I was advised by a whole clan of bffs and confidants to button-up lips about the whole *af-fairy* thing. Pondering over a cliched scenario of my love-life and feeling heartbroken at the same time, I broke off in an overly crowded McDonald. There was a temptation (there always is) to let it go, to forgive, to celebrate love and be loved. But by then, an unsurity had clouded the heart and like a little girl that once I was, thought its best to put it to a safe place. So I put my heart in an imaginary bottle and hung it around my neck. I didn't enjoy suffering anymore. The chair would remain empty for the next 9 years to come. 

It's that time of the year again (same month and almost a same date). Also a strong urge washed away my resistance of showing how strongly I felt when I saw the title 'W.O.W. - Flowers on the Door'. 

PS: Earlier this year, someone came and put back my heart where it came from, and the chair isn't so empty anymore.

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