Wednesday, October 24, 2012


New care can claim her.
New love can inflame her.


Can you dress the wound? 
Can you ease the pain? 
How can you possibly do? 

Was it her melancholy caught on shores? 

Let's talk about you just once more 
What is it that makes you sore? 

Your pain contaminates her brain 
Conducted? X-rayed? Pain, she can't ignore! 
It surges through and through 
Like a genie let loose from an ancient lamp.

Can you save her soul? 
Insulate pain? 
Shelter her from the rain? 

Will she be washed like a pebble on the shore? 
Or swept by a volcano roar? 
The steam of rejection 
The clawing hands of need 

Let's forget our hunger 
Ride a rainbow, cloudless thunder 
Let's walk into the clouds
Let's embrace the sky. 


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