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& once again, its all about "JhankAAr"

Enough has been written & said since its release, but ain’t we want more & a bit more? Of behind-the-curtain dopes? Of the Man & His crew who made Jhankaar Possible? Here are few excerpts from an interview, all ‘JhankAAr Beaters’ love to read: 

And here it starts: 

Sujoy Ghosh, the first time director of Jhankaar Beats, somehow born and partially raised in Kolkata, Ghosh found his way to Bollywood and wrote a script and eventually became the director for his own script. Jhankaar Beats stars Juhi Chawla after a long absence from filmdom, Sanjay Suri, Rinkie Khanna, Rahul Bose, Riya Sen, and Shayan Munshi.  The music is by amzing duo Vishal and Shekhar, who had already tasted success with "Chod Na Re" from Kaante, and the album of Pyar Main Kabhi Kabhi.  With a great banner like Pritish Nandy Communications (Kaante, Sur) behind him, there is no telling where Ghosh can end up!


AR: First of all, congratulations on your first film as director. I heard that you gave up your job in London in order to make this film. What made you do this?

SG: Thank you. I was infact working in India when I decided to take the plunge. I suppose I had it coming for a while and it took around seven odd years to mentally prepare myself. Its extremely hard when you get used to a salary and also its very tough on the family. They are ones who actually suffer. But in my case they allowed to me to pursue my dreams. Quite nice of them.


AR: Tell me more about your life in London.

SG: Well more up north than London. Normal life. Studied. College. Music. University. Film Club.  Films. Music. Part time jobs. Waiter, Store attendant, maths tutor, telesales, selling vaccum cleaners. Business School. Snooker. More films. Lots of Kebabs. Even more films.

AR: What is the film about?  What inspired your script?

SG: Two things. The hidden humor in our daily lives. And about prioritizing issues. As life goes ahead priority changes and JB is about six individuals learning to prioritize and often a decision is not always a favourable one. But that's what life is about and JB is about these six characters facing life with a smile on their face.

JB was inspired by a song called "Duniya Mein" from the movie Apna Desh. It was composed by Rahul Dev Burman and starts with a deafening scream by Mr. Burman. That scream always stayed with me and defined a lot of life and energy in that one line. I wanted to write a script around that and one line lead to another.

AR: Why a condom campaign?

SG: Why not? Its about time we stopped shying away from issues and start biting the bullet. The primary reason is its great fun and we hope you will agree once you see the movie. On a more subtle level there is a social message hidden. We are not here too preach but I strongly believe a film should say something. No point sitting on the fence. Safe sex is an important issue not only in India but across the world and as responsible inhabitants we all should chip in.


AR:  Were you originally planning to direct this script, or were you thinking about hiring another director?

SG: Initially I wasn´t very sure as I had never seen a camera let alone direct. But when I was begging I must have narrated the script a good hundred times to potential cast and crew. In the process I realized I probably knew the script better than anyone and that’s when the itch started. And thankfully my producer Mr. Pritish Nandy is one of the bravest man alive who trusted me with the baton. He is very happy with the final product and now to see if the general audience is of the same sentiment.


AR: Jhankaar Beats and Dil Vil Pyar Vyar both star Sanjay Suri. Also, the RD Burman theme with music and love stories is consistent with the two movies. You commented earlier that Viveck Vasvani, the producer for DVPV lifted the idea from you. Is that true? Explain.

SG: I am really tired of this issue. The controversy was over using Mr. Burman´s music. Initially JB was scripted with old songs of Mr. Burman but then DVPV happened. But in retrospect I am very happy with my soundtrack.... even you appear to be, judging by your review. All reviews have been very kind to us and the music has been very well appreciated since its release. Other than the music I expect the two films to be completely different in its genre and sensibility.


AR: It seems that you approached Vasvani to produce this film before he went and launched DVPV. Comment.

SG: I knocked on every possible doors. Yes Vaswani was one of them.

AR: Vasvani comments in another magazine that your script is smutty. Comment.

SG: I have no idea. All I can say is my script is as it was from day one. There are individuals like Sanjay Suri, Rahul Bose, Juhi Chawla, Rinke Khanna and Mr. Pritish Nandy involved in the project. Not sure if they would have been if the script was not upto the standard. I rest my case.

AR: Why are Rahul and Rinkie’s roles both in English for the most part?

SG: Because its how the characters are. Everyone in India speaks English. Like it or not, it is the unofficial national language. Rahul and Rinke portray a modern yuppie couple and as they would in real life, they speak in English sometime. All of us do.

AR: How did you enjoy working with Sanjay Suri? Do you feel as though he should have picked working for only you or Viveck only?

SG: Sanjay is the dark horse in JB. Through out the shoot he kept asking me questions to which I had no answers to. His penchant for perfection can drive you nuts but then his mother cooks the best Rogan Josh in the universe. I will always be Sanjay´s friend even if he doesn´t want me to. You have to taste the Rogan Josh to know what I mean.

AR: Why Juhi and Sanjay Suri as a couple? Why not a younger heroine for Suri?

SG: ....  and with that question, went all your hopes of ever interviewing Juhi. You better work out some serious groveling tactics to right your wrong. Jokes apart, Juhi is senior but definitely not old. In fact, I was the oldest person on the set. Can you imagine how mentally taxing that was?


AR: Why did you sign Juhi in the first place? There are so many youngsters in the film and Juhi seems as the odd one out. Comment.

SG: Put it this way. If Juhi did not agree to do the film we would still be in the casting stage.


AR: I know you were thinking along the lines of RD Burman, but why music by Vishal and Shekhar?

SG:  Apart from the fact that they are talented and made me a soundtrack which is spectacular by my book the main reason remains they are friends. Those two stood by me through thick and thin when I was trying to get this project off the ground. There was no way I was going to walk out on them. We were in this battle together and we were going to fight it together. There is no point being a friend unless you behave like one.

AR: If you had to pick any actor you would want to direct, who would you pick and why?

SG: There is no one singular person. But would give my left kidney to work with Mr. Naseeruddin Shah, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Mr. Dilip Kumar. Why? Naseeruddin Shah!! Amitabh Bachchan!! Dilip Kumar!!.... and you ask why?? So put all this together and you are in for good times ahead if you ask me. Better start saving money for your popcorn.


And here the interview ends! But not the SEARCH of, what the hell is a "Mundu"? If find the answer, let's go to the laundary..


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    "There is no point being a friend unless you behave like one."


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