Monday, February 14, 2011

The Tussle of Two (2)..

There are two of me,
Like light and shadow.

One behind the another,
Whispering but never loud enough.
They never race each other,
Neither never face each other,
Just one behind the other.

There is ONE…
Who wants to cross the seven seas
Wants to hold the sky in her arms
Wants to find a bird’s nest
Catch a wink or two
She wants to ride the wild horse
Wants to get hold of the mane
& reach the constellation..

And the OTHER one…
Who feels proud to watch
Her poems marching to school in neat uniform
Her smile doesn’t fade
Who thinks herself as the proverbial sandalwood
That gets rubbed to give out a sweet scent
She is content.
Well, as she always says..

The two never meet,
It’s not right
If they ever touch
They burn the each other out
After all it’s only one body
And not two!!!


  1. Fab!! Super super like :)

  2. Beautiful thoughts! the two sides of you:-)

  3. @Magik, Ekta, Aseem: Love you doston! for liking, both the sides. :)

    @Sajeev: :) Thanks for the words mate. & nuff thanks for dropping by.