Thursday, January 27, 2011

& sometimes, 140 Characters are not enough...

Since my  love for ink pen & paper is infinite, I always prefer to stayed away from this over-obsessed world of self-proclaimed bloggers. Looks around me, everyone is a blogger, a movie/music-reviewer (some are the real kick-ass, whom i follow). But still, whenever happened to visit a bloglink, I was like, "why the hell should I do that, what everyone is doing. I will continue crushing papers with nib". 

Then, in June-2010, Twitter happened and all jokes apart, I felt like a winner. Felt, as if, I won the 'blog-or-not-to-blog' battle.

Cut-to my 'Yellow Diary' which is counting its last breathes, marti kya na karti, I decided to share every single word (read 'well-kept secret') to this place. The rants, The moments, The Randomness!

So, not taking too much time of my Dear-Reader-Reading-This-Post, let me get back to some serious business & some not-so-serious-actions ;)

Yours Truly,

(milte hai, market me)

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