Thursday, March 31, 2011

.. I love being 'unavailable'!!

Disclaimer: Few of you, might find the post annoying, silly or high chances of finding it weird. But then, am not allergic of 'i don't like it' thoughts. So fraan, do share whatever popped in your mind post-reading this piece. :)

So last week, it all started from that office terrace,
@ around 4 pm. (tea-break yeah!!)

While fingers playing around with its sleek body
Sipping not-so-hot tea
Gorging on cafeteria maggi
And busy tweeting, RT-ing, replying
Checking FB Updates.

All of sudden, it slipped off
Tried to grab it
But, it (oops) gone..

It managed to slip from my grip (sigh)
Very next moment, memories attached to it are ‘there’.
Thirteen floors down. 
There on the ground. 
Shattered. In bits & pieces. (might ran over by some skoda or some such)
My cellphone!!

And for 'exact' three dayz
I was a wanderer without a 'hello, where are you' string. 
There were no more, 
battery connectivity/low battery/network issues. 

In between, to get a feel, how it feels,
I dialed the number.
Just to hear, ‘the Vodafone number I am trying to reach is currently unavailable’!! (weird i know, but all fun)

Now, there were nothing but just 'me' 
& the surroundings.
Then I realized, there were 8 stations in between of the track, I use.
Realized there is a beautiful locality park,
With kids still playing 'gulli danda'.
Realized, the gurudwara nearby is now all renovated,
And started looking like a groom-celebrating-his-25th Wedding Anniversary.

Realized, what I was missing 
I didn't notice all these. 
Coz with 'cellphone' in hand
I was always busy texting/tweeting/checking FB Status Updates!!

So, wasn't  I liking it? 
Answer is 'sure yes'.

Yes, I loved it. Loved being 'unavailable'
For I love to wander with 'no strings attached'!!


  1. Woooooo wonderful.....who said it wired...actually we all lost in our phones and missing so many things but after all...its phone another world exist in it...cant afford to miss it :) better if we learn to balance ;)

  2. Yes, feels good to be unavailable and unreachable at times! So jaan, it's not weird...and i definately loved your thoughts :)

  3. @Mohini: balancing act tuition needed. urgent. kab se aaya jaye madame?

    @EG: Here you are love. Bowled over by the kind words. But then, am just invisible. & very much available. YouKnowWhatIMean :D

  4. there you are :) i knew,before clicking the link,that if you wrote something,it would be magical.And it is! this is a very very normal experience that everyone of us has,but your words made it seem so unique!

    keep writing,i would love to read more from you. INSPIRE ME! :)

  5. Cell Cell Ki baat hai pyaare, Apni Apni Jaban hai pyare.
    Loved it in ur voice.

  6. ....if a cellphone could speak, it would have said "I concur" to the above post!

    Honest words ...something we can't deny in the 'advanced' world we have created for ourselves.

    Keep writing. :)

  7. dere was nt even a lingering doubt, dat u'll write something and dat wont be good.
    anyways, felt sad for ur fone... :( bt yeah dat feeling of being secluded frm d everyday world is awesome. u get to enjoy so many more things wid it.

  8. I liked it :))
    And more than that , i loved the message you tell here ! I always make a point NOT to use my cell when in metro ! Atleast some time to keep my eyes engaged in real beauties :)

  9. What fun. I always loved wandering at places that are out of reach for those silly dogs, tels and ideas. Whenever i travel to places, i enjoy it lot more when 'no network' sign comes in phone. And know what? I just moved into my new home, and 'inside' home, i hardly get network. What fun! (though i know soon there will be radiation monsters around, soon)

  10. @Rahul: INSPIRE! big word, i would say!! let's adore each one of us who loves to converts thoughts in words. Chalega? :)

    @Twitballiye: :D Pravesh Sir, thanks so very many much. (hope your eardrums are doing good post listening the voice) :P

    @Shakti: Mate, the way you agreed to the words. Amazing. And yeah, encouraging words matters. A lot. :) Thank you very much.

    @Farooq: bro, am all high for 'that' faith. :) thanks for the condolences. (btw, naya fone has arrived too. badhaiyaan needed.) :P

    @ladynimue: "keep my eyes engaged in real beauties" there you said it lady. <3

    @dunkdaft: Same to same. Heartfelt. :) (may you continue having the 'fun' part) :D

  11. Super! Well written.

    I'd very much love to be unavailable. Even to myself!

  12. @Impulsivator: And am sure, you are quite good at 'it'. Ain't?

  13. @Masakkali CHALEGA :) it is totally upto us wwho we seek inspiration doesn't matter how much they write,it only matters how they write. And you,you write bloody well. I apparently have been an inspiration to scores of people through my blog,and i am glad that i have been one. Mutual admiration is a great thing, let us practise that. :)

  14. Wonderful. Reading this I got to know how much technology has made us indifferent to the surroundings.

  15. @Rahul: :) Cheers to the spirit.

    @TbgDgc: Thank you TG. But ain't we all know? And pretend not to know. :)

  16. Great read. The urge to be 'Unavailable' is irresistible sometimes.

  17. @Adi: Abso! Thank you so much lady for dropping by. :)

  18. With ur writing..u just created another world- the Cell-phone one! I never looked the world this I understand, a balance of the two is so badly needed.Thanks so much...CREATOR!! @infoamit

  19. @Infoamit: Thanks for the love Amit. :-)